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Experience the most complete lease management solution for small business lease brokers

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"I wish I would have had this years ago..."

That's typical of the feedback we've been getting from leasing professionals throughout the industry. In 2003, our wish was to create a solution with the broker in mind. We believe we have done that. Introducing LITEHAUS360 Lease edition.


Get a complete 360 degree view of all your lease deals
LITEHAUS360 Lease Edition is an end-to-end lease management solution that enables individuals and organizations to manage the complete leasing process from sales and marketing to end-of term. And because it's not enterprise software, LITEHAUS360 is a cost effective lease management solution for lease brokers.

Drawer Navigation No steep learning curves
LITEHAUS360 is integrated with Microsoft® Outlook® and TimeValue™ Software’s industry standard T-Value™ math engine. That means you don't need a physics degree or an IT department to figure out how to use it or install it. If you know how to use Microsoft® Office® and T-Value™, you can use LITEHAUS360. You'll feel right at home with its familiar user interface so you can quickly get started and focus on creating lease deals instead of learning complicated software.
Manage lease deals the way you want
LITEHAUS360 makes use of familiar Windows® functionality so you can manage leases the way you want. With LITEHAUS360 you can be more productive and effective. No more hunting for data or information. That means you can gain a competitive advantage by working smart.
Deal Views
History Items Lease history that's integrated with Microsoft® Outlook®
With LITEHAUS360 you can conveniently create Outlook-like functions like appointments and email messages without having to re-enter that information again in Outlook. That means you'll never have to enter data more than once! What's more, history functions entered in LITEHAUS360 automatically appear in Outlook.

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