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January 2009
Anthony Carrol of Litehaus Litehaus comments on the credit crunch in Canada
Counterpoint: What Credit Crunch? (USA vs Canada)
With all the negative news surrounding the American financial markets, and the “credit crisis,” we as Canadians, have to ask ourselves, “Do we also face a “credit crisis?” continued...

September 2008
Anthony Carrol of Litehaus comments on the next wave of technology affecting Lease Brokers
Digital Signatures, Technology Corner – 3rd Quarter 2008
Gone are the old days of the manual typewriters that were used to type up lease agreements. Although the typewriter created a more professional looking lease contract as opposed to handwriting it, mistakes sometimes meant re-typing the entire agreement. continued...

June 2008
Anthony Carrol of Litehaus Helps Lease brokers understand cross border leasing
How to Cross the Border…avoid getting caught with all the wrong paperwork … Doing Business in Canada…
At a time when the United States is facing an economic challenge, many American based vendors are looking north to the land of “Canadian” opportunity. After all, with a strong Canadian dollar, American based goods and services have become very affordable to Canadian companies. But, is the leasing process all “golden?” continued...

July 6, 2006
When it comes to developing software, here's a do-it-yourself guide...
Ever been frustrated by the lack of appropriate software for your job? Or the high price of what little there is? Or the difficult and sometimes strange learning curve? Ever thought to yourself, “Hey, I should create my own software”? continued...


March 6, 2007
NewsWire Today: Accepted Finance Company, LLC Selects LITEHAUS360 Lease Management Software

January 23, 2007
PRWEB: Accent Leasing And Financial Selects LITEHAUS360 Lease Management Software

October 26 , 2006
PRWEB: Beta Program Test Results Show New Leasing Software from LITEHAUS Systems is on the Right Track

September 30 , 2006
PRWEB: LITEHAUS Systems unveils new lease broker software...

September 27 , 2006
LEASING NEWS: New Lease Broker Software...

June 28, 2006
LITEHAUS Systems releases beta version of leasing software aimed at small business brokers...

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